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Rail mountain bike “Gattan Go!!”

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Image of people enjoying mountain bike while watching cherry blossoms

Go mountain biking on an unused railway – a thrilling attraction!

Rail Mountain Biking on the former Kamioka Railway tracks is a unique experience. Since the bike is set on the rail, you can feel the vibrations course through your body and enjoy the rhythmic sound as you travel along the tracks.

Image of people running on a mountain bike on a rail in fresh greenImage of two people running on mountain bike with peace sign

Two courses to choose from: Town or Canyon. The Town Course boasts a scenic,
cherry-tree-lined thoroughfare around Okuhida-onsenguchi station in spring, as well as a beautiful view of the trees of Hidaji mountain turning gold in the autumn. The Canyon Course is a thrilling ride that crosses over the clear, tranquil waters of the Seiryu Takahara River and passes through tunnels. Not recommend for people with a fear of heights, but those who challenge this course will be rewarded with magnificent views.

Image of two people riding a mountain bike on a rail above the bridge

Image of people running on a mountain bike in the forest

Image of people who run mountain bike on valley course
Image of people who run by mountain bike in the valley course forest


Facility information

Hours of Operation

10:00-15:30 (Holidays: 9:00-16:30)

 ※priority given to advanced reservation (hours subject to seasonal change)


from 3,000 yen/bike (varies depending on course and bike)


Wednesdays except National Holidays, and from December to late March


  • own Course Starting Location→1327-2 Azumo Kamiokacho, Hida City
  • Canyon Course Starting Location →Nishiushiyama Kamiokacho, Hida City

Telephone Number



  • own Course→Approx. 40 min. by car from JR Hida-furukawa Station
  • Canyon Course→Approx. 60 min. by car from JR Hida-furukawa Station

Website Address

Rail mountain bike “Gattan Go!!”


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