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Takahara Kyodo-kan (Kamioka Castle)

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3 historical sites located in the highlands shed light into Takaharago’s past.

The Takahara Kyodo-kan consists of three facilities;
Kamioka Castle, the former Matsuba Residence, and the Kozan Museum. Since they are located in the highlands, you can enjoy a view of the whole town. There, you can appreciate how Takaharagou has grown and changed from the middle ages to the present.

An image of Kamioka Castle taken during the cherry blossom season

Kamioka Catsle

Tokimori Ema built this castle on the order of Shingen Takeda in 1564.

Appearance image of Kamioka Castle

It was later taken over by Nagachika Kanamori, the qlord of Takayama Castle. He became the lord of Hida, and his vassal Kojyuro Yamada became the steward. In 1970, a tower (2 layers, 3 stories) was added. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Kamioka Town from the observation platform on top. There, you can see some remnants of the period, such as a trench and a stone mound.

The Former Residence of the Matsuba Family

The Former Residence of the Matsuba Family was a private house built around 1868 and relocated to its current location.

Exterior image of the former Matsuba family

It is the only Gassho-zukuri house left in Kamiokacho and it is designated as a Tangible Folk Cultural Property by Gifu Prefecture.

Image of the interior of the former Matsuba family

The first floor is a living space and the second and the third floors were used in the production of silk. You can imagine life from days long ago by viewing various farm implements displayed inside the home.

Kozan Museum (Mine Museum)

You can learn about Kamioka mine and the local mining industry.

Mine Museum exterior image

This major industry provided a livelihood to many people in Kamiokacho up until recently. Kamioka Mine was known as one of the largest zinc producers in Japan. After the mine was closed,

Image of mine museum display

the technologies developed for the mining industry were used in the construction of Kamiokande and Super-Kamiokande observatories. In the museum, operation process including mining, dressing, and refining are explained through models and panels.

Facility information

Hours of Operation

9:00-16:30 (last admission: 16:15)

Admission Fees

460yen (for all three facilities)


Everyday during season (closed December-March)


1 Kamioka Shirogaoka, Hida City, Gifu




Approx. 30 min. by car from JR Hida-furukawa Station


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