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White Wall Storehouse Street

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The main street symbolized and captures the atmosphere of Hida Furukawa.

Picture of Shirakabe Storehouse

The Seto River runs through the town along a 500 meter stretch of white-walled storehouses, creating a traditional atmosphere. Visitors can marvel at the sight of over a thousand colorful carp swimming in the Seto River as they enjoy strolling along the White Walled Storehouse Street and Ichinomachi Street, which have sake breweries, shops, and restaurants.


Picture of Shirakabe Storehouse2


These carp are moved to Tenjinike (Tenjin pond) to protect them from the cold of winter from late November to early April.

Facility information

Wander at your leisure


Ichinomachi Furukawacho, Hida City, Gifu

Telephone Number:

(Hida Commerce and Tourism Department, Tourism Division)


Approx. 5 min. walk from JR Hida-furukawa Station


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